BigDoor Gluecon podA few of us were in Broomfield, Colorado earlier this week for the Glue Conference. We were lucky to be chosen as one of the Demo Pod winners which earned us a really sweet Alcatel-Lucent sponsored booth and the opportunity to talk about BigDoor with the more than 500 attendees. Glue is one of the only conferences dedicated solely to helping solve the web application problem-set facing architects, developers and integrators. Our CTO, Jeff Malek, also participated, giving a deep-dive on building a startup in the Cloud and fault-tolerance.

We also had the opportunity to meet quite a few of the new TechStars/Boulder class including Rainmaker, Webligo/Social Engine, Report Grid, Simple Energy, Doruk and more! While BigDoor is not a TechStars company we share office space with TechStars Seattle, the great Andy Sack is one of our investors, and both our CEO, Keith Smith and CDO, Matt Shobe, are mentors with the Seattle program.

Additionally, we wanted to introduce everyone to our newest and most enthusiastic publisher, Lori Cheek, who runs the online dating site Cheek’d. Gamification immediately clicked for Lori and we added our MiniBar to Cheek’d at the conference. In April, the site won the TechStars Startup Madness Award. Lori aims to turn the online dating world around by offering a fun deck of cards with witty “Cheek’d lines” for online members.

Finally we wanted to offer a big thanks to Eric, Kim and the crew that put this conference together – by far one of the best organized we’ve been to. Also, tremendous thanks to Brad Feld and Seth Levine; in the words of the great Jeff Malek, “You’re money!”