Today’s post comes from our COO, Ring Nishioka. Below Ring reveals a little more about the culture here at BigDoor in his 2011 Startup Retrospective that recaps our recent company off-site. 

On Wednesday we had an all company off-site.  It was a great time to recap the previous year and look towards 2012 and where we’re headed as a company. As a startup we try to empower everyone to act and think like an owner. We all focus really hard on our product and our vision and try to keep the big corporation type stuff at a very minimum. We gave each group 5-7 minutes to do a rapid-fire recap of their wins and also losses this past year. Everyone did an excellent job with their retrospectives and our afternoon brainstorm was so productive that I’m really excited to see a lot of those ideas come to fruition!

One of our dev teams summed up things brilliantly in this tag cloud that was created from a series of developer chats. It’s evident from this visual the focus our company has on building great stuff and getting there quickly. I’ve always been proud of the work we do here and I’m even more proud to be surrounded by a world-class team.

-Ring Nishioka