When it comes to brands successfully building customer loyalty, Starbucks is undoubtedly one of the first companies that comes to mind. It’s hard to find a person that doesn’t love Starbucks, and even more impressive, it’s hard to find a person that doesn’t participate in one of their loyalty efforts. With the My Starbucks Rewards program boasting over 16 million users, Starbucks has set an inspiring standard for other brands to live up to.

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Over the past year, Starbucks has added to their traditional My Starbucks Rewards program and is beginning to innovate in other ways to delight customers. They’ve leveraged BigDoor’s Loyalty Campaign product to deliver a large number of diverse, generous experiences that leave their customers feeling appreciated and even more loyal to their brand.

It’s clear that Starbucks has led the way in consumer loyalty, but how have they done it? We thought we’d take some time today and run through the many ways Starbucks is truly innovating in loyalty.

Personalization Is Key

We all know that personalization is key to driving customer loyalty, and Starbucks has doubled down on meeting their customers’ specific needs. This level of personalization makes their customers feel special and appreciated at every touchpoint.

Where other companies are applying blanket experiences across all customers, Starbucks is leveraging the BigDoor platform to create groups of like-minded customers with similar behaviors, and then delivering beautifully crafted experiences to these unique groups.

Where other brands fall short, Starbucks is using BigDoor to impress its customers with intuitive experiences that keep them coming back and advocating on the brand’s behalf. Each Starbucks user profile is customized to fit individual customers, with personalized campaigns that incentivize customers to complete a custom set of actions that Starbucks values.

Starbucks turned to BigDoor to deliver the “Saving Mr. Banks” Loyalty Campaign, which highlighted partnerships with several other premier brands. Starbucks customers were rewarded with entries to a sweepstakes each time they completed another task, with each task being targeted to the specific customer’s situation.

Saving Mr Banks

Customers gained additional sweepstakes entries each time they completed tasks that were customized to their unique situation.

Redefining Generosity

Aside from keeping customers at the forefront of their program, Starbucks has also set a high bar when it comes to brands being generous to their customers. This sort of “thank you” mentality goes a long way when it comes to building loyalty. We talk a lot about reciprocal loyalty here at BigDoor, and Starbucks is supporting our “invest in them as you wish them to invest in you” mentality through their loyalty program offerings.

The most obvious example of Starbucks’ generosity comes in the ways they create, deliver, and innovate on customer rewards. They’ve worked with BigDoor to deliver rewards for actions that customers are already completing, and are providing opportunities to be rewarded for actions other brands wouldn’t think to say thank you for.

The concept of timed campaigns isn’t new, but the way Starbucks uses it to generously reward participating customers is unprecedented. Utilizing BigDoor’s Loyalty Campaign product, Starbucks is able to run a variety of campaigns that incentivize purchases within a limited time period. Whether customers have the option to earn drinks, bagged coffee, food items, or other prizes, Starbucks extends a huge thank you to every purchase a customer makes — even extending their rewards to purchases of bagged coffee in grocery stores.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 10.32.20 AM

Starbucks generously rewards their loyalty program members through limited-time-only campaigns. 

Keeping Fun First

Fun matters in customer experience. Today’s customers want to enjoy their time online and they want to connect with brands in personal, engaging ways. This past year, Starbucks has leveraged our platform to deliver a fun experience by adding game mechanics to their customers’ experiences. With BigDoor, Starbucks is able to reward online experiences to encourage customers to make more in-store purchases. It’s this sort of “out-of-the-box” thinking that is putting Starbucks leaps and bounds ahead of other brands investing in loyalty.

A recent example can be found in the holiday campaign we are running for Starbucks. The holidays are a perfect time to drum up fun for your customers, and that’s just what Starbucks did. This month, they partnered with BigDoor to release the “25 Days of Coffee” campaign where users have the chance to win Bonus Stars by purchasing a coffee a day through the month of December. This campaign is making waves because of its great holiday timing, generous rewards, and beautiful user experience.advent calendar

 Keeping campaigns fun and interactive is one way Starbucks’ rewards program stands out. 

Wrapping It Up : Starbucks Sets the Standard

Engaging and rewarding customers to build loyalty isn’t new, but Starbucks is raising the bar for big brands who build loyalty by giving back to their customers. These are just a few ways that Starbucks is rethinking loyalty to ultimately thank customers and grow the business. They’ve set a new bar for brands to aim for — a personalized, generous, and fun approach to serving the customer. BigDoor is proud to be partnering with Starbucks as they continue to push the envelope on loyalty.