Back in June, we set out on a mission to better serve the loyalty marketing community through our resources and research by launching our first annual Loyalty Marketers Survey.

After five months of gathering answers from marketers across all industries, the results are finally in! We’re thrilled to announce the release of our 2014 Loyalty Marketers Survey results, a downloadable whitepaper of the complete set of survey questions and responses, along with detailed explanations (and our interpreted learnings) of the results.

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From multi-million dollar program launches to doubling down on loyalty initiatives at all stages of business, we already knew that 2014 has been a big year for loyalty marketers. The 2014 Loyalty Marketers Survey solidified our thoughts about the growing loyalty marketing industry, and showed that loyalty is on the rise across the board as brands in all verticals begin strategizing and implementing programs to thank their customers and to keep them coming back.

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What will I learn?

With data on over thirty loyalty-related questions, the sky is the limit to your takeaways from this research. On a high-level, the results of the survey will answer the following questions:

1. What goals are loyalty marketers tasked to reach?
2. What challenges do marketers face in launching loyalty initiatives?
3. What tactics are most important in building loyalty?
4. Where are loyalty marketers spending their dollars?

For our more curious readers, here’s a quick peek of some of the data you’ll find in the whitepaper:

We were curious about loyalty program budget, and included a question around how much marketers spend on loyalty platforms/software/tools annually. In order to cover all the bases, we gave respondents a wide set of options to choose from when it came to budget size. The results were quite fascinating:

A whopping 43% of marketers answered “I’m not sure” when it came to their company’s annual budget for a loyalty, platform, software, and/or tools, which was one of the most surprising results of our survey. Loyalty is typically considered a marketing-related objective, and marketers, regardless of job title, should have some insight into how much their brand is spending on loyalty each year.

27% of respondents answered that their brands spend less than $10k per year on loyalty tools and 17% spend between $10-15k. A significant percentage of marketers stated that their brands spend into the six figures on loyalty per year, with 3% spending $50-100k and 10% spending over $500k annually.

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We also wanted to know how confident our respondents were in their loyalty program data. It was encouraging to see 43% of respondents answer “Very confident” when it came to their current program’s data. However, over half of our respondents were either “Somewhat confident” (30%) or “Not confident” (27%) with their current program’s data.

The fact that so many respondents (57%, to be exact) were not completely confident in their loyalty program data shows an incredible amount of room for improvement in the world of loyalty programs. Marketers relying on loyalty programs based on fragmented, disconnected, time-constrained data are clearly still out there.

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To see the rest of the research, head on over to the download page and grab your free copy of BigDoor’s 2014 Loyalty Marketers Survey results.

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Once your download is complete, grab a cup of coffee and settle in to learn how marketers approached loyalty in 2014.

And the winner is…

When we announced the survey back in June, we offered a $1,000 gift card for one lucky winner. The winner has been randomly chosen, and we’re excited to share that BigDoor community member Martjin Lukaart from will receive $1,000 to use on!

Congratulations to Martjin, and thanks to all the marketers who participated in the survey. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Have additional questions or feedback about the survey results? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!