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Frictionless Virtual Currency

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably saw the news that Zynga filed their IPO late last week. After everyone has combed through their S-1 filing, virtual currency emerges over and over, “Zynga’s filing revealed its revenue comes almost entirely from the sale of virtual goods within its otherwise free games.” At BigDoor we’re…

Your To-Do List Gamified

We got the opportunity to meet Founder and CEO Jonathan Hegranes and were introduced more to his company Workables during Gluecon last week. The company is helping people outsource their to-do list. Jonathan was one of the lucky winners of a test we ran a while ago on Brad Feld’s site. Brad offered 30 minutes…

Level Up For 30 Minutes With Brad Feld

We wanted to let everyone know about this amazingly cool experiment Brad Feld is currently testing on his site. For those of you who don’t already know Brad, he’s the managing director at Foundry Group who invests in software and Internet companies (including Zynga). He was recently named the “Most Respected Venture Capitalist”and he’s also…

The “Startup Two-Step”

There is a wonderful axiom among startup companies that “no business plan survives its first encounter with a customer.” Ours was no different. We started BigDoor with a very big vision and a core thesis – and while those remain our guiding principles, we’ve significantly shifted our business model, our product and our strategy. The Lean Startup folks (lead by the incredibly bright and talented Eric Ries) call this the “pivot”, but we’ve always referred to it much less eloquently as the “startup two-step”. Call it what you will, but it is all part of the process a startup goes through in finding the right strategy, the right customers, the right technology and the right business model.

Creating Virtuous Cycles

We think the publishers who create the best and most interactive user experiences should be rewarded. Aligning advertising rates with the interactivity of a publisher’s user experience is the challenge that we, here at BigDoor, are working on right now. We like to call this the Loyalty Economy.

The Real Value of Virtual Currency

An abstracted medium like virtual currency has such a strong psychological effect that it can be used to build a Loyalty Economy that engages and attracts users, as well as holds the key to direct user monetization. Once we understand the power of a medium like virtual currency, we can then begin to evolve effective ways to monetize that currency. There has been some initial innovation along these lines, but we think that this industry shift is still in the early stages and we are working hard to develop an innovative and easy to use platform that will help publishers take advantage of this massive opportunity by creating their own Loyalty Economy. Please stay tuned to announcements from BigDoor on this subject.

The Great Debate Over The Exchange Economy

The BigDoor team has been watching with great interest the massive debate that Michael Arrington kicked off last week when he publicly blasted some of the practices of the large offer platforms.  He then followed that ambush up with a scathing report in TechCrunch. All we can say is, well done Michael! Well, maybe that’s…